Decorating with the Duplicity Wall Art Movie Poster

Who doesn’t love a good romance Hollywood film? Who doesn’t love Julia Roberts? Combine both and add in a twist of comedy and crime, and you’ve got Duplicity, the perfect movie! If you’re a fan of one or both, there are several Duplicity movie posters that can adorn your home and captivate the romance and adventure spirit in you!

This movie poster, for example, is one of the many available in online wall art poster shops. It shows both stars of the movie, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen along with some scenes from the movie and the credits.

Beyond college dorm rooms, Duplicity movie posters are great for your home’s wall space. Given the right framing material or without it, the proper styling and placement, and its harmony to the room’s entire theme, you’ll have a beautiful wall space and a beautiful home in general.

How to decorate

Frame alternatives

A custom frame costs a fortune and is a quite common method of hanging up a movie poster. But did you know that today’s movie posters can be hanged creatively with these frame alternatives?

  • Paint canvas – a far easier, cheaper, and more convenient way to mount your Duplicity movie poster is by way of paint canvas. With this alternative, you can also have a lot more freedom to mount the movie poster. You can hang it, place the canvas on an easel display, lean the canvas on the wall, or set it on a shelf with other movie posters or decorative artwork.
  • Invisible ledge – to capture that elegant and classy look just like Duplicity’s Julia Roberts, place the movie poster in invisible shelves/ledges. An invisible ledge blends into the wall’s color, giving your movie poster wall art the floating impression and making it a head-turning piece.
  • Wooden cleats – Originally used to hang heavy items on a wall, wooden cleats are coming into households as a fun twist to hanging wall art. This alternative is ideal for a minimalist as wood and its natural color convey the simple and essential concept that defines this theme.

There are many more fun and awesome alternatives to framing your favorite movie poster. Beyond the design inspirations enumerated above, creativity is still key to achieving your ideal theme or design. It is an essential to buy movie posters and other wall arts with the highest quality. This can make or break your entire room’s design. So if you see museum quality posters, it’s safe to say that you can buy wall arts at this online store as it guarantees you get top-notch value for your money.