It’s Time to Bring Duplicity Slot to Casumo

The number of Hollywood movies we’ve seen turned into casino slots has been on a serious rise as more and more game companies look to close deals with movie studios and create branded titles to present to their players. Backed by familiar movie franchises, recognizable characters, and memorable scenes, these slots bring out everything a player could hope for.

Of course, game makers don’t lack material as Hollywood produces dozens of high profile movies every year and there are many older titles that have the makings of an excellent video slot. The 2009 film Duplicity, starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, is one such title.

Duplicity came out promising a lot but didn’t quite deliver on the promise. The acting part was excellent, as expected from the star-studded cast. However, the story, which had a lot of potential, turned into a tangled web of intrigue without real answers by the end of the movie. This left many fans disappointed, primarily because their expectations were so much higher. So, perhaps a Duplicity slot could provide a second chance.

duplicity movie scene

Suspenseful Gaming Experience

If you haven’t seen the movie, the story goes like this. Ray Koval (Owen) and Claire Stenwick (Roberts) are former spies (MI6 and CIA), whose paths had crossed in the past. After their government careers, both have turned to the corporate sector. When the two meet again, they are working for rival companies, and come up with a $40 million plan to trick their employers and ride away into the sunset.

As mentioned, the movie is filled with plot twists and new surprises, which do become a bit too much at one point. However, for a Duplicity slot, this simply means more material to work with. Of course, we’re in the era of modern slot machines, so I’d expect to Duplicity to bring out more than just five reels and three rows. Given the movie’s complex theme, something with expanding lines and rows would fit right in, especially since these games seem to be quite popular with the players.

The number of cut scenes that could be used for this slot is just amazing and, since the film has a romantic note as well, developers could really target a wide audience with this one. A bonus game where you’re trying to crack the infamous formula sounds like a good idea. They could even do it in several parts, where you have to actually play the game for a while to progress through the stages, with different challenges along the way.

Casumo Online Casino

A Casumo Exclusive

Players have different feelings about exclusive games, but I feel the Duplicity slot would thrive as a Casumo exclusive, especially if they’d offer 30 free spins with no deposit required like they do sometimes for other games.

Casumo ( is an excellent online casino as is, so players have every reason to join. Making Duplicity an exclusive game here would probably be great for the slot and the casino alike. Plus, Casumo, with its already game-like experience, would be the perfect ground for a slot that you actually have to play for some time to reach different levels.

If they added some skill elements as well, that’d simply propel the game to an entirely different level, but it’s better not to get the hopes too high, especially since slots with skill elements are still such rarity.